Vision from the Celestial Realm

Here is my testimony about my first journey in the Celestial Realm. It was a trip I was fortunate enough to make in what I suppose to be an archangel retreat or much more… I’m unfortunately not sure where my trip took place. All I know is that it has profoundly renewed my life, my goals, my empathy and my purpose. For me, as for my son with whom I lived alone at this time, there has been a Before and an After!

Here are the circumstances that preceded this incredible walk in the other plan.

I had spent the weekend with my then 4-years-old son by the sea about 300 kilometers from Paris, where we lived then. On the way backb there is a superb modern chapel which was built in honor of Mary. This very special church is called  » Notre Dame d’Europe « . It consists of a small chapel built on the ground floor, fairly low in ceiling, and next to a huge metal bell tower surmounted by an enormous golden virgin and dozens of bells.

To get there, you have to take a fairly stony country lane that goes under the highway. The church is built in the middle of a field.

I will never forget my first visit to this very special holy place. The night was falling, and big rabbits were jumping in front of my car. There were rabbits everywhere! The church was empty, there was nobody except a little Gypsy girl about 10 years old who was playing at the bottom of the metal tower. Despite the fact that the church was lost in the middle of the countryside and very isolated, I had no fear at all. I felt very safe there.

For years before, I wanted to be pregnant, so I prayed there to have my first child. I stayed in that place for about an hour. I prayed at the feet of the strange black virgin who was placed into the sanctuary. I also bought the « Rue du Bac Medal » which is a miraculous medal.

So the day before my first trip to the celestial realm, I was there again, but this time with my 4-years-old son, a pretty chubby baby with blond curls.

When I entered the church with him, I felt strong angelic vibrations. Just sitting in this place would have healed hundreds of people. I don’t know if it was the truth or just a legend.

After a long time spent there praying, I bought 2 green scapulars from Marie. Marie’s green scapular is a miraculous tool. It is a small green piece of fabric which was designed following an apparition of Mary. It’s said Marie’ s green scapular produces miracles when you wear it under your clothes.

When I left the church with my child, the guardian of the place came to me and said this, pointing to my son: « He’s a child from here, isn’t he? » I replied, « What do you mean? » He explained to me: « A lot of people come here to pray to have a child. When they come back here to thank Mary, later, I always notice all the children are identical. They have big black almond-shaped eyes and long curly blond hair. I immediately knew seing him that yours was a child from here! « . I couldn’t believe it!

Since I had a lot of work to do the next day (I was a journalist for several magazines at this time), I dropped my son off at my parents’ house and went home alone.

Before going to sleep, I put a scapular under my sleepwear. I placed the second one in a frame, behind Jean’s photo (I talked about Jean here).

The night went quite normally. I was tired after this weekend at the sea and because I had driven back to Paris. I had no trouble falling asleep. It was early in the morning; I suppose, around 6:00 am, that the extraordinary took place…

I felt like absorbed by the sky during my sleep and projected into a sumptuous, incredible universe with beautiful and so lively colors! Never in my life had I seen such colors, not even into a movie !

Here I am flying above a city looking like a medieval one located on a hill. Around this hill stretched superb natural landscapes bathed in soft light and a light mist…

I then began to fly over the entrance of the city: a huge portal cut into a warhead, made up of huge brown stones. As I was still high enough in the sky, the inhabitants of the city seemed really tiny to me. They were chatting there in small groups. But I decided not to enter the city where there were many people. I decided to continue my flight straight and to land a little further, on a kind of belvedere offering a breathtaking view on a small valley located a few meters below.

Sumptuous music echoed in the sky. A powerful music spreading love energies that I knew and that I will never forget! But this time, it was infinitely more precise and resonated quite differently than in reality. I was overcome with enormous emotion. Tears ran down my face in spite of myself as if the music and the view of the landscape had triggered in me a huge wave of emotions whose intensity I could not describe. Its power seemed infinite!

This music was Bach’s Suite #3. But it was played with so many sounds and details that I could not listen without bursting into tears. I must admit by this time I was not attracted to classical music at all…

The sky and the landscape in front of me were made up of orange, salmon colors and a little bit of green. It was like a huge pink sunset whose components were constantly changing to the rhythm of the music. The sky was changing as if a giant and the invisible painter had made it his canvas! I recognized in the movements of the clouds those of a painter in the process of finalizing his work. It was superb, impressive, and so touching !

It was then that I looked more carefully at the trees and the landscape that surrounded me …

On my left, I saw a small tree. It was an oak. He was still young and frail, but when I looked at him he began to grow and to develop magically! In a few seconds, it became a huge oak tree spreading its branches in the pink sky! I cried again seeing so much beauty!

Then I leaned a little to observe the valley, which spread out a few meters below. I saw a small stream filled with translucent water flowing over white sand. Then an unexpected thing happened: the little stream began to grow and amplify itself. It became a river and then a huge river! This process took place very smoothly and very naturally. I did not feel any fear. I was focused on this incredible transformation. Above what had become a river, there was a promontory on which I could see a small stone chapel. The moment I looked at it, I saw it growing again and again. In place of the small chapel now stood a large white marble building with white columns and rounded aisles. This building looked like that of the Vatican!

So I took a moment to admire all the work accomplished. Someone, God maybe, was showing me his extraordinary power! I was an artist. Music and painting spoke to me, particularly as well as the aesthetics of things. Is that why he used visual techniques to speak to me? I don’t know, I still don’t know…

I want to point out again that the colors I saw there were unreal because they were moving and moving like matter. It looked like an alive impressionist canvas.

The angelic music was resonating in me, and I was inward that the conductor of this incredible show was going to introduce himself! I awaited this encounter with fascination, curiosity and fear. It was then that the heavens turned green. Absolutely everything became green around me. It was a very beautiful emerald green!

So I looked up. A huge cloud pierced the sky. It was shaped like an oval form. I knew that something incredible was going to be shown to me. The cloud was so bright white that I couldn’t face it without being dazzled. It then split in the middle to create two clouds. I know that what will happen will concern the investigation I then carried out about my great-uncle Jean who disappeared at sea off Morocco in 1956. He was 19 years old. I had been investigating for two years to try to retrace his last days aboard. When I saw the cloud split in two, I had the intimate conviction that a superior being was going to speak to me about Jean, to give me some information which I did not have yet…

Suddenly I saw a face appearing into the first cloud. It was indeed that of my great-uncle Jean. He was magnificent. He was brown, with slightly curly hair on top and very expressive eyes. He seemed alive. He was staring at me. I could see the pores on his skin. Yes, he lived! I watched him intently as if I needed to enjoy every second with him (as a reminder : I never met Jean, but my grandmother told me a lot about him when I was a child. He passed in 1956 and I was born in 1975). Suddenly his skin turned white and became some marble! But instead of being his own statue, he turned into the statue of David! David by Michelangelo. Behind, him I could see an mighty sea…

Then the statue of David disappeared. I felt filled with very strong emotions. I was glad that he and I had the chance to meet. As if this encounter could not take place anywhere else than in this incredible kingdom!
I knew that the second cloud would also open to showing me someone else. I knew it deep inside of me that this person would be an appearance of God in person! I was afraid, but yet my curiosity exceeded my fear. I did not feel my heart pounding, but I began to think about all I had learned at the Theology University about the Last judgment and God’s theophanies…
Deep down, I know that I will not escape this appearance! I was full of happiness and anguish, but whatever I will not escape it! The light became very intense. Around me, all turned green! A man with terrible beauty appeared! He seems to be 50 or 60 years old. Her long golden blonde curly hair was scattered over his shoulders. He had a long curly beard. He radiated a strong golden light. I understood that he was the conductor of this trip! He started talking to me inside but without moving his lips! Here is the message he sent me. He called me by my first name, Celine Estelle :  » Look around you. All this is doomed to disappear … » I asked him:  » What about Jean?  » He replied:  » No matter what happened on earth. Everything is abolished « . Still speaking to me from the inside, he told me something without using words, then I understood that it was time for me to leave, so I tried to shout that I wanted to stay, but my language no longer worked ! Inwardly I cried:  » No! I want to stay here! I want to stay here! «  Suddenly I felt absorbed in the opposite direction. I moved away from this ocean of vibrant colors at full speed. I heard a big strange noise, like that made by a piece of scotch tape that has been peel off from cardboard … I have the feeling of having fallen back into my body, my eyes were fully open and I was sitting on my bed. Bach’s music continues to resonate in my room for a few seconds. The return to my body was terrible! I was crying. I couldn’t stop crying because what I had just experienced was so beautiful that I told myself I had nothing more to live on our earth. This trip showed me everything I wanted the most: a bright land, sumptuous colors, translucent water, white sand, beautiful white marble buildings, my great living uncle, what it is to fly through the air and to meet God the Father in person! Today, 13 years later, I can’t listen to Bach’s Suite #3 without falling in tears. This episode is really a part of me. I think about it very regularly. Sharing it seems necessary now that we are living troubled times.

Subsequently, I happened to repeat short trips, impressive but much less intense than this one …

From that point, my life started to change in a very good way until now. I’m so glad in my therapist work. I love helping others. Sometimes I only use psychological techniques, but others, when my clients are very spiritual ones, I tell them about the Angelic Realm and provide some archangelic cares and attunements. It’s always a kind of revelation in their life and purpose!

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