Transition Attunement

Are you going through a main transition in your life ? Do you have to take new steps after a grief, a complicated grief, a disturbing event, a separation ? This attunement based on a very special angelic procedure and Angel Reiki will help you to get a new vision of your purpose. You will connect to your Higher Self easily and will receive an archangelic guidance. It will increase your courage and open the crown chakra to bring clearer harmony. You will also get clearer messages from the Angelic Realm?

This Transition attunement takes place in 2 phasis :

  • An archangelic attunement using 12 special steps to travel to the Angelic Realm
  • An Angels Reiki using The Light of Change and Transition

Please notice :

Unlike many websites I do not sell a ready-made initiation ! I have my own procedure which requires 1 hour of preparation and which then offers 1 hour of energy care in real time. I then provide you with a report about all that I have noticed in my visions, especially when I go to meet your guardian angels and spirit guides. Please notice that this process is entirely handcrafted and is not a simple activation of energy with a certificate… In addition I keep absolutely all my distant clients in my daily clearing prayers to the Archangels. This process is therefore very powerful because it is entirely tailor-made according to your requests and your experience.

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