Preparing for an attunement

How to prepare yourself for a distant archangelic attunement?

Distant Attunements are very special ones. They are very efficient, but you’ve got to do a small part of the job.

You must prepare yourself to receive your distant archangelic attunement. First of all, when I receive your order, I write you an email to tell you when I will perform your attunement (day and time).

Please put on some healing music and light 3 candles.

Please cut your phones. Make sure to stay in a deep, deep serenity. Then just relax, calm your mind and imagine your body floating in a very peaceful place.

Then call your spirit guides or guardian angels and, of course, call the four archangels : Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel.

Say to yourself :  » I’m a part of the Universe. I’m in tune with the Infinite. I’m now fully ready to receive Celine Estelle’s attunement. I can feel she’s now sending me that attunement  » Say  » Thank you  » 4 times.

Keep relaxing for about one hour.

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