Angelic Realm Attunement

Energy flows through us as a river. But negative emotions can stop the flow of positive energy. However, for 60 minutes I’ll perform a lovable attunement connecting you to the Archangels. That’s right. I’ll connect you with the energies and vibrations of the Angelic Realm. This will renew your positivity and mental clarity.

It will also remove all blocks and bring great vibes and energy. And even put you in tune with your deeper Self.

But why me? Glad you asked… 

I’m a pro-therapist living in France.  And a certified sophrologist and psychotherapist. I’m also certified in Angels Healing Level 1, Angels Healing Level 2, Earth Angels coaching and Angels Reiki.

I’ve studied Theology and Spirituality for 3 years at the university. This was when Angels and Archangels became a breath of life to me…

I’ll work with all my heart and soul to give you the best results. Plus I keep every client in my daily angelic prayers for continuous healing.

Angelic healing is a form of energy healing which enhances our energy system. Why not give yourself this Divine gift? Why suffer more?

Please. Let me heal your soul !

How I work ?

I have a special ritual including 10 steps to get to the Angelic Realm. During the distant healing I write all my feelings and emotions and also the visions I have connecting to your guardian angel (sometimes there’s more than one…), to your spirit guide and also to the archangels. Then I send you my recording and much more. I’ll put all may help in your hands !

Requirements :

I need one picture of you + your complete name + a few words about your situation and your blocks.

The benefices are immediate but will enhance during 2 weeks.

Please notice :

Unlike many websites I do not sell a ready-made initiation ! I have my own procedure which requires 1 hour of preparation and which then offers 1 hour of energy care in real time. I then provide you with a report about all that I have noticed in my visions, especially when I go to meet your guardian angels and spirit guides. Please notice that this process is entirely handcrafted and is not a simple activation of energy with a certificate… In addition I keep absolutely all my distant clients in my daily clearing prayers to the Archangels. This process is therefore very powerful because it is entirely tailor-made according to your requests and your experience.

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