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Before all, I would like to highlight Angelic attunements, Angelic dreams and, of course, Messages from the Archangels much more than my own journey… Archangels are the ones who really deserve all your attention not me! My story is here only to illustrate the archangel’s kindness! Also, knowing my past will give you a comprehension of my life mission.

In 1975, I was born  » Celine Estelle  » which means  » Moon  » and  » Star « . In french, from a psychoanalytic view, which is very symbolic, the name « Celine » relates to the salt (Sel+In) and  » Estelle  » is… a question ! (Est-elle ? = Is she?). In latin Celine comes from  » Celinare  » which means  » having some secrets « … So my first name is all about the moon, the stars, the salt, the existence and hidden things (esoterism). Also, I’m a Gemini, and I love and practice all kind of arts as music, composition, writing, drawing, painting, dancing, singing…

No brother, no sister, I was a loner as a child, with few or no friends at all. I didn’t really worry about it, but I suffered school harassment until the age of 16. When I was 10, I started to notice supernatural phenomena around me. At 12, I had the luck to see tiny tiny birds flying around me like hummingbirds, with very unreal bright colors. I was living near Paris, we don’t have any exotic birds there! I immedialy knew they came to me from the Angelic Realm! I didn’t have friends but was very close to my pets (I had a dog, two rabbits, turtles and many more…) I also had a real connection with the deceased… They sent me many signs…

Then thereafter, I experienced several appearances of a particularly well-dressed mature man, in a court hunting outfit, in our living room, near a wooden column owned by my parents. By doing researches, I learned that our house was built on the ancient park of the neighboring town’s castle, a place where hunting was practiced… Around the age of 13 I developed a fascination for the paranormal things. I learned to perform many rites from the gypsy Wicca with books. I also started to develop small gifts of clairvoyance…

The well-dressed man (with a top hat) I saw looked lost but was radiating a strong white light. He appeared to me several times while I was still living with my parents. Sometimes I found him sitting at the bottom of my bed when I woke up. He seemed to be made up of thousands of small dotted lines that outlined all the contours of his body …

In july 1994, I was in a Los Angeles campsite when I saw a young man with a long blond hair radiating white light. He smiles at me before disappearing. His resemblance with one of my missing idols, River Phoenix, was striking ! The point is that I went to the Viper Room to light candles for River a few hours before… I was the only one to see the entity crossing the campsite ! This happened again, later, in Paris at the Père Lachaise Cemetery while I was taking pictures with an old camera my father gave me. Twice I saw a young brown man with long and curly hair, dressed in a black frock coat. It was a Monday, early in the morning. It occured in the oldest part of the site. Trying to catch him, I fell, my ankle stuck into a tree hole. He held out his hand and helped me to get up. However, I didn’t feel any contact with his skin!

In 1996, aged 21, the unthinkable happened. One of my best friends decided to commit suicide (aged 22) after a love deception… I was the last person to see him alive. I reproached myself for a long time for not having understood his distress… Desperate about this situation, I turned myself to spiritism. I sank into deep melancholy. I had only attracted souls with low vibrations and a series of failures into my life… I also lose my few gifts of clairvoyance … The man I loved who was living 700 kilometers from me came to visit me. He really wanted to help, but in less than 48 hours our relationship ended… I felt my worst time coming… Then followed many failures again in my career and also in all my other relationships… The darkness owned me!

Between my 21 years and my 30 years, I experienced a life that didn’t suit me at all, working in advertising, whereas competitiveness didn’t interest me, living with a selfish and lazy man. He loved dark music and seemed dissatisfied with everyone and everything… In 2003, after a long stay in Patmos, Greece, I resumed my studies and enrolled into a Catholic Theology Cursus at the University. I regain my faith. I took a part-time job in a hospital working in a palliative and end-of-life unity. The birth of my first child comes to put an end to the ambient melancholy I was feeling inside.

During my pregnancy, I had to lie in bed for 6 months. Fortunately, I had plenty to do: I studied my theology courses, Church history, Christian archeology, Hebrew, Latin and ancient Greek lessons every day. Anyway, my delivery went wrong. My doctor was on vacation and his team was overwhelmed. As soon as my child has been put in my arms, I started to lose a lot of blood. The delivery had been too long, and I had a significant bleeding and also serious uterus inertia. I felt myself leaving in a sort of large and white cottony cloud. I heard the doctor screaming at the nurse to prepare the operating room and shouting  » In 5 minutes she’s dead! « . Yet I was sinking into an incredible second state… I relived the happiest yet very simple episodes of my life. Like for example, a summer camp in Scandinavia when I was 16 years old. It was the first time in my teenage life that I had the feeling of having fun with people of my age. I relived this moment through the great spontaneity and simplicity it contained! Then I saw the face of my grandfather (who died when I was 5 years old and with whom I was so close). I saw him playing the banjo, and I could hear the sweet sound of his voice! I say to myself  » I’m going to die but it doesn’t matter. My child is born, and he is fine. I succeeded in my mission ! « . At this moment, huge contractions brought me back to reality! I felt like I had hundreds of needles in my stomach. I had returned and felt reassured about the death. It was not that complicated … I had acquired the certainty that when the real moment would come, then I would have enough acceptance in me to overcome.

I knew I wouldn’t stay with my son’s father. I felt too much insecure in this relationship… I realized that I came to earth to help others but also to repair a family drama: the disappearance at sea of ​​my great-uncle Jean, which occured in 1956. He was a beautiful and clever young man of 19 years old that someone, for an unknown reason, pushed to the sea near Juby Cape, Marocco… This mysterious disappearance totally broke my family. I wasn’t born yet, but as a child, I suppose I took the sadness of his sister, my grandmother, inside of me… When I was a child, I did not know what would be my job later, but on the other hand I knew deep inside of me, deep in my heart, that I would be the one who would, one day,  » bring  » Jean back home …

As soon as I started to investigate about Jean’s missing, there are now 14 years ago, to rehabilitate him, to restore his status and his name, I deeply changed! I started to draw again, to compose music, to educate myself, to be much more positive. I discovered the Power of Angels and had the chance to make my first trip into the Astral plan! What a special trip! It’s been a benediction to me! What I saw and heard there changed my whole vision of life and its purpose. I became more responsible about each of my acts. After a long time taking care of my child on my own, I met the one who was going to rebuild myself definitely, my husband. We married in 2012 under the redwoods in a paradise garden where peacocks were lounging!

I then left my job as a Christian journalist to become a therapist. I became a regenerative gentle gym method teacher, then I attended a sophrology school. I trained in psychology, post traumatic stress management, but also cognitive therapy, mentoring and beliefs clearing. In 2018 we moved and bought a pink 1930’s house in a spa town according to our initial wishes. We moved there with my first son and our new baby boy. I opened my therapist office at home. Then I trained in Angels Healing (2 levels) in Earth Angels Coaching and in Angels Reiki too. I started to pray and call the archangels several times a day. I felt a great shift and renewed my energies.

The day a famous magazine finally agreed to devote 8 pages to my great uncle, Jean, who disappeared at 19, I immediatly took the train to the south of France and went up to Notre Dame de la Garde, a famous sanctuary based in the city of Marseilles. I helped Jean to get into the White Light using the white light procedure helped by the archangels. I released his soul… This is one of the most important parts of my story as a human being.

I performed the Release Ceremony in a holy place and more especially in the  » Saint Pierre’s chapel,  » which is dedicated to the sailors who disappeared at sea. After lighting 10 candles in order to raise my vibrations and to collaborate with 10 of my ancestor’s souls who knew Jean when he was alive. I then felt his gentle presence by my side. He was there, sitting next to me! He needed to find his own path. He was stuck between two worlds since 60 years… He slipped his hand into mine, and I could feel both his skin and his warmth. My right hand was like in levitation about three inches above the bench I was sitting on. To make sure he had really passed into the White Light and that he wouldn’t turn around anymore, I asked Archangel Michael to send me a sign. At this very moment the bells rang! On the parking space of my aunt who lodged me for a few days, when I got back I found a huge black and empty chest. A sign of Jean’s effective departure for Heaven!

So I gave him a last goodbye and continued to accompany his ascent with prayers with the help of Archangel Michael, who has been extremely supportive as I felt myself into a grief. A different grief, yes, but still a grief, filled with nights without sleep.

When I came back home, my clientele doubled, and my clairvoyance gifts came back more powerful than before! I cannot thank Archangel Michael enough for his support. He knew how to bring me much more than a help for ending a transgenerational mourning. He showed me the way to my real vocation. He also sent me all the people of the neighborhood who needed a more spiritual than psychological help! Then I realized I belonged to the family of the  » Soul Releasers « …

If my grandparents were still in my heart, I had forgotten to pray for their ancestors and especially my grandmother’s parents. A few days before the coronavirus merged in France, I’ve learnt something very important about my great grandfather… He was an orphan who had been lucky enough to be taken in by distant cousins while he was waiting in the port of Marseilles to be taken to the orphanage with other street children. He considered his adoptive parents to be his own parents. He was so gifted as an acrobat that he was almost kidnapped by circus people! He led a life of service for the elderly ladies in his neighborhood, was the beloved father of 7 children and was an exceptional dad for them. But above all, I learned that he followed the hearses of all those who had no family because he wanted to accompany the deads. He didn’t want them to leave that Earth alone! His name was Gabriel … He also was the father of my great uncle Jean. When she died of Alzheimer’s disease, my grandmother kept calling her father saying  » Dad, you are the best of fathers « 

So everything was so linked! God and angels had a plan for me, a plan for all of us. I got to know my soul family when I helped Jean to go to the Light. From that moment, my vocation became clearer.

Today I feel ready to serve others with my gifts and to help, of course. This is my life mission! That’s why I decided to build that website to spread Archangels Healing all over the world. Healing is exactly what we all need! This place is the result of the french confinement caused by the coronavirus. During these days, I go on praying the angelic realm to give me courage and creativity enough to spread a love and compassion message.

Do you experience a hard time, a complicated grief or incertain days… ? Try my attunements. I made sure that they were not too expensive, so everyone could use them.

Love and Light xx

Celine Estelle


I studied Catholic Theology at the french University and especialy angeology for 3 years

I’m certified in « Angels Reiki » (Priestess Academy)

I’m certified as a « Angels Healing Practiotioner » (AOAM) and in « Advanced Angelic Healing » (AOAM)

I’m also certified as an « Earth Angel Practitioner » (AOAM)

I can’t stop learning. I believe Life is an expansion !

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