Message from Archangel Nathaniel

Nathaniel is an archangel with whom I had never worked before this morning. I was so amazed at its power and the boost he promises to give to all the projects of those who really invoke him. As I was ready to go about my Sunday morning business and activities I felt that he had a strong message for me, for us. I am passing it on to you right now.

I am Archangel Nathaniel and some call me « the accelerator ». On Earth it is possible to speed up time on certain portions of the Universe only and to make sure that no one except yourself, You who called me, notices the more than rapid temporal unlocking that is occurring. You and I know what is important to you. We are two but we are One. We are the greatest Unity there is.
You and I can set things right, especially in situations where Earthly Injustice has dominated for too long.

When you are cold in your current life, look back and see all that I could have done for you if you had only known me and called me, me Nathaniel The Accelerator of all things that lack justice.

If you are not lukewarm and if you are not afraid to advance towards your destiny then do not hesitate to call me. Here is what I have to tell you.

When you feel drained because you have waited too long for the favorable conclusion of a case, just call me and I will be the red eagle that flies on the plain to spot for you, with my infallible sight, the opportunities. From my celestial vision I will also spot the enemies, those quite slow down, hurt you and who have slowed down your whole family line in its objectives.

You who suffer from an unresolved case and who have been waiting for justice for decades, look at what I do: I am the one who on the daily path envelops you into a red and fiery flame, surrounds you with my wings and make you fly very high so that you think about a new beginning.

One day a man killed, on a boat. He hurriedly threw a body overboard and lied about the unfolding of the events. He lived his life worry-free and unhindered. Yet since you invoked me, Nathaniel, I went back in time.

For a moment, I made you my work partner. I made you look like a child. You have become happy, candid and romantic again. So I made you fly to the sky. You saw a glowing eagle flying beside you and at the same time my heavenly hand was supporting you. It doesn’t matter if you felt and recognized my presence. You’ve been flying in the clouds, flying over places you loved when you were a kid. I allowed you to swim quickly in this pond with frogs and lilies where your parents, cautious, prevented you from swimming when you were a kid. You realized things were easy and quick with me!
Then you left and you crossed the ocean. So I showed you a rusty boat, the one where the murder of a young man was committed 50 years before. You wanted to know, my daughter, who had done this. You’ve been looking for the culprit for decades on your own.

So for you I grabbed the boat, put it in your own hands and you rocked it. And I said, « There will be only one left. » As I picked up the crew that were clean, you picked the last one. He was dirty. The one through whom misfortune had come upon your whole family. The one who killed the underage child. The one who had blackened the honor and happiness of your family for more than 50 earth years. You placed your trust in me and I named the culprit. A few days later, he surrendered on his own, bothered by nightmares, shattered from day to day and night to night. He ended his life in prison. He repented. He even prayed. But for him, the road will be long.

In the past which no longer exists with you but which still lives, the boat has resumed its journey. The murdered returned to the heavens from where he came. And everything has changed for you.

Because you had the courage to call me, I accelerated the course of things.

You then saw 4 lights surrounded by a red orb. Among her, one sparkled enormously. She flashed your face.

So you calmed down. You felt the heat in your body and I became one of your Lightworkers. I have shown you the Way. You are now one of my children.

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