Life is A Hill : A Message from Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the one I felt closest to from the start. From my 20 years and my first steps in this wonderful country called Greece, Michael was by my side. My story with him and his presence begins on the small island of Kalymnos, not far from Patmos where John the Evangelist wrote his Apocalypse. It’s a morning like any other except that I’m on vacation but I still don’t realize how lucky I am. Child spoiled, for me the beautiful holidays were only a kind of due … I then went through a difficult phase, a romantic break with a man, 10 years my elder, and despite appearances I felt broken from the inside. However I woke up in this little white house (a white cube on a blue background) that we rented for a week and when I went to the bathroom, I felt a presence which I assimilate to that of my guardian angel. Now I know it was definitely Michael. I became aware of a supernatural presence and all of a sudden my vision of life changed! Suddenly and in the minute I understoond and affirmed that this life I was living was brilliant and splendid! I spent an extraordinary afternoon in a cove with lagoon-colored waters and in the evening I had an incredible meeting that will change my life and allow me to edit my first novel! The man was called « Michael » too !

For a time, the archangels were left out. I no longer saw their involvement in my life, nor their splendor …

Today, at over 40, they have returned for good. I invoke them every day for my work and the harmonization sessions that I practice with them are a real success in 100% of the cases.

The archangels communicate to me visions of my clients’ life, key passages from their past that should have opened their eyes to their Call… This allows me to help them more and more…

Each day, by invoking archangels, I’m able to receive a message. Today thanks to my work on Angels Reiki and Attunement sessions, I feel that my sensory and psychic capacities are increased tenfold. The Archangels only address people who need me, in my neighborhood or in absentee. I trust in them for the choice …

This morning I wanted to share with you a message I received from Michael:

Life is a hill. Think about it! When you climb to the top of a hill, it is difficult. Perhaps your human body envelope, your knees, your joints, your muscles burn you in the effort and make you suffer. However, what happiness when you were able to reach the summit by yourself! The pleasure of observing a landscape of divine creation, the usefulness of being able to look into the distance, the feeling of power and beauty, of abandonment in the face of grandiose nature … You are never alone on the path when you climb the hill! We are here. You just need to call us. One or the other. We will do the « switchboard ». It doesn’t matter which of us you summon. We will be there. We will take over from each other. Remember in your heart the magic green hill, an almost unreal green. Whenever you pass a hill, please know that we are there! Thank you.

My parents have got an old family house based on a hill in France, in the Dordogne area. I just realized that the angels were there! In addition it is an old presbytery!

I rarely write here but I will if the angels send me a new helping message, for you, for all of us.


Céline Estelle

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