Archangels are a very specific kind of angel…

The dictionary defines the word “archangel” as “a chief or principal angel; in medieval angelology one of the nine orders of celestial attendants on God.”

We know angels as beings of light from the seventh dimension and higher. The Angelic Realm can be defined as being from the heart, and angels do not possess the concept of free will like humans do. Rather, their will comes from a higher power: the divine.

Angels tend to operate on different frequencies and wavelengths than humans do, meaning humans cannot see or hear them. However, people who possess psychic powers can sometimes commune with angels.

Archangels are a very specific kind of angel. They are fire-type angels that carry divine decrees to humans. For example, Gabriel contacted Mary when she was pregnant with Jesus Christ and told her about her situation. This is the role of an archangel: to contact humans and deliver messages from the divine.

There are a wide variety of examples of archangels. These include Ariel, Raphael, Acrael, Chamuel, Jophiel, Gabriel, Haniel, Michael, Uriel and more. They have retreats in a place called the etheric plane, which corresponds to something called the etheric realm. The etheric realm is a place where the soul goes between incarnations. Souls may also travel to the etheric plane where archangels reside. These are sometimes called “retreats.”

Retreats are places where you can take a rest. In order to access a retreat, it is important to call out to the Archangel Michael and ask him to take you to the retreat that is closest to you, or to the specific retreat that you wish to travel to. Then, the Archangel Michael will deliver you to this retreat.

There are a wide variety of etheric retreats that you may travel to, all of which you can access simply by saying a prayer to Michael. These include the Royal Teton Retreat, which is of great importance to people who consider themselves newcomers to New Age practices.

One tenet that can block you from attending these archangel retreats is a lack of self worth. This kind of lack may prevent you from thinking you are worthy of entering such a retreat. These feelings must be overcome before archangels can whisk you away and spiritual retreats can be attended.

In the end, archangels are present in a wide variety of religious beliefs around the world, including Christianity and Islam. These religions often disagree from denomination to denomination regarding which angels are considered archangels. Michael is specifically named in Biblical texts as an archangel, but Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel are often thought of as archangels.

No matter which religion you believe in, archangels are thought of as messengers from the divine, and can therefore be seen as humans’ link to divine beings. In New Age practices, they are deliverers to retreats, and while not every religion sees archangels this way, they are certainly symbolically similar due to their status as messengers and transporters in other religions.

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