Distant Archangels Attunements

 I will remove all blocks and bring great vibes and energy.

And even put you in tune with your deeper Self …

Here’s my first present for you.

A music I composed invoking the Highly Inspiration from the Angelic Realm.

Please listen with Love and Light …

Angelic Realm Attunement

I’ll perform a lovable attunement connecting you to the Archangels. I’ll connect you with the energies and vibrations of the Angelic Realm. This will renew your positivity and mental clarity.

Attunement for Earth Angels

Are you a different human being ? Do you feel your life has a brighter purpose ? You are a compassionate soul, but you still need to find your Life mission ? This distant attunement will show you the way.

Transition Attunement

Are you going through a main transition? Do you feel nervous? Do you live a complicated grief? Are you incertain of the days to come ? I’ll perform a distant attunement using Angels Reiki.

Do you want to raise your vibrations invoking the angelic energies?

The distant attunements are exquisitely simple and beautiful!

You will also enjoy the personal recording and tips I provide just for you!


I’m a french holistic therapist with a great passion for the angelic realm I discovered studying Theology at the University. I’m also a Sophrologist and a Beliefs clearing coach. First of all I’m here to help and I consider myself as a lightworker.

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